Welcome to Cola Makerspace!

What is Cola Makerspace?

We are a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization dedicated to running a community workshop and laboritory. Through our space we aim to foster a community of creators exploring the intersections of science, technology, and art. We welcome the makers, tinkerers, engineers, artists and lifetime-learners of the Columbia area to join us in creating a space where we can all work on personal and collaborative projects in a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

What do we do?

We direct our shared resources into the creation of projects and the sharing of knowledge. We maintain a workshop and stock it with tools and equipment for use by our members. Additionally, we invite skilled community members to share their expertise through classes and collaborative projects.

Benefits of joining

  • 24/7 Access to our shared workshop and tools
  • A vote in makerspace decisions
  • Supporting our community goals

Getting Involved

We hold public interest meetings every two weeks that are open to everyone. These meetings are a great oportunity to show off both completed and in-progress projects to your fellow makers. Beyond show-and-tell, these meetings are a way to keep in touch with the community and meet interesting people. See our event calendar for the date of our upcoming meetings.

If you're inspired to make our web presence better, good news you can help! The source is open and we encourage contributions to the GitHub project!